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how to change your own light switch all by yourself or Electrician?

You Should know about the Change Light Switch at anytime.

Here’s you will get the complete solution on Change Light Switch But before we get started – safety first. Firstly we need to find our fuse box. We need to look for the switch to isolate the electricity on the switch we’re going to be working on. Here there’s a switch for the downstairs light sand I’m just going to flick that off now. Although, if you ever have the slightest doubt about which switch to flick off, always go for the big red one which will isolate the electricity in your whole home. And remember, always consult a qualified electrician when dealing with your own electrics.

How To Change Your Own Light Switch by yourself
Change a Light Switch

First, check the electricity is turned off by testing the light switch. Then unscrew it from the wall. Now, take a picture – not that type of picture! A picture of the back of the light switch. This is so you know what the configuration needs to be like on the back of your new switch. Next, take a precision screwdriver and unscrew the wires from the back. Keep the cables nice and tide (so they can be pushed back into the pattress) – that’s the hole in the wall. Then take your new light switch …shiny! Now inserts the cables into the back of your new light switch in the same configuration as the old switch (using the photo you took earlier as reference). If you’re swapping between 1 or 2-way switches, or an intermediate switch, be sure to look in the description of this article, explaining the differences between the switches. Ensure metal light switches are earthed then line your light switch up with the screw holes in the wall. Now, take your screws and begin screwing the light switch in. Go halfway with each screw (to start with)so you know they’re screwed into the screw holes then tighten the switch to the wall. Turn on your power then test your light switch.

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