kitchen sink Installation and Removal

How to Remove or Install a Kitchen Sink Instantly?

Here’s Everything You Need to Know about the Removal or Installation of Kitchen Sink

We are gonna have a look at how to change this here kitchen sink thing. Anyway, so what we’re going to do is disconnect the water and the waste from this. Then I’ll let you how to take away the old one, basically cut a hole so its the right size for the new one, and then pop it back in. Now, the complicating factor for this particular job is that the new sink is ceramic and it weighs about half a tonne, So that’s what we’re going to do now and I hope you enjoy.

Now, the first thing we do is turn off the hot and cold supplies to everything that we want. We have a bit of pipework there. After that, disconnect any wastes that there are and get them out of the way and take off your sink. Once you have eliminated all your services, then you can focus on actually switching your old sink from the worktop. Now, most of them are actually connected with a small clamp that goes underneath and you can undo with a Phillips head or a slot-head screwdriver.

You’ll often find there’s about 10 of them and a lot of the time, you’ll find that someone, like a carpenter, or one of the all-fill trades have come in and covered it over over the years and you can’t get to it. So, do that. Have fun with it, cause it’s going to be bloody difficult. And then as soon as you’ve got that undone, you can look at cutting the silicone, if there’s any joint, and then pulling it out, ready for your new sink to go in. Alright, once you’ve done that, you should be able to… Wiggle it out just about. Alright, take this away and move it out of the way. Now, there are times when your sink will not fit the new hole for your new sink. So anyway, like I was saying. Often you’ll find that the old sink and the new sink are completely different sizes.

Now you would be insanely lucky to find that they actually do fit. Because we put a ceramic sink in, it’s gotta larger, kind of slipped flange at the bottom. So we’re going to have to cut a small bit out, But anyway. So while he’s doing that, basically, I’m just gonna remove the old tap from here. Now you clean down the sides. Make sure there’s no scum inside. Right, so now we’ve cleaned off down these sides. All ready to go. We’ve also had to cut back a few bits along here to take our new sink. And now what we’re going to do is just mockup putting the new sink in here before we do actually any sealing to make sure that everything is okay. Perfect. Right, so there we go. It’s fitting in perfectly.

So, now what we are going to do while we’re here is just put our puncture through the ceramic bit. Possibly one of the most bum-clinching moments of a plumbers life. While doing this, my lower half probably resembles the nose of a small bunny rabbit. So, yeah, what we do is put that punch in there. Then we’ll take this all out, reseal properly, pop it back in, and I’ll give you a little tip about sealing in a sec. (hammering) (filing) So the best thing I can say when it comes to just siliconing down your basin is that the smaller the bead, the less you’ll have stickin’ out the side and the less clearin’ up and hassle you’ll have later on. Cause there’s nothing worse than getting silicone everywhere. So there we go all silicone up. Ready to go in. Beautifully installed and finished. Right, so there we go. The ceramic sink is in and it’s silicone in and sealed.

Now, obviously, because this is ceramic sink, the weight of the sink and the silicone seal will hold it down in place. Obviously, if you’ve got a stainless steel sink, just use the clamps that they supply and then re-clamp it back onto the worktop and seal. And then you should all be done.

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